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Over 30 years experience providing authentic and cultural group tours.



At Historic Epsom House


MAY 2024

A weekend of fine Chamber Music



A Little of Everything

Our travelers keep coming back time and time again.
For more information on all current and future tours with our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable tour leaders


Travel with a small group of like-minded souls, usually experienced travellers like you, and all seeking a travel experience that is as authentic as any travel experience into a new culture can be.

What’s included in your travel experience

What’s included in your travel experience

+ HOTELS  All your travel experiences come with highly recommended hotels in every destination, providing exceptional service and amenities.
+ MEALS  Most meals will be provided each day during scheduled site seeing. You may also explore culinary delights for a full cultural experience.
+ TRANSPORT  Pick up and drop off from Airports, hotels and daily destinations will be arranged. Airfare from Australia to the countries is optional.
+ GUIDES  Tour Leader expert (usually Australian) with an academic and experiential knowledge of the destination, supporting your personal discovery throughout the journey.


Navigating personal travel can be a challenge because of language and logistics.
Let us take care of it while you relax and enjoy your adventure.


How Do I Book?2020-10-23T02:21:32+00:00

1. Go to our BOOK NOW page and fill in the Online Booking Form or Download the Offline Booking Form here.

2. Read and accept our Terms & Conditions.

3. Fill in your details then mail or scan and email it back to us including the $450 tour deposit (payment options located on Booking Form)

4. You will then receive a confirmation letter and invoice, either by post or email (as you prefer). This letter will detail the information specific to the tour, including visa and flight information.

5. Approximately two months prior to the departure date, you will receive a final invoice and details for the pre-tour meeting and optional reading list, as well as any necessary visa application forms.

Will We Meet Before The Tour?2020-07-22T05:44:00+00:00

A pre-tour meeting is held before every tour, allowing all registered passengers to meet each other and their tour leader before departure. Pre-tour meetings are also a forum for travellers to present questions to the tour leader.

What Level Of Physical Activity Is Involved?2020-07-22T05:49:02+00:00

Our tours usually go for three weeks, and tend to be quite busy with walking around museums, exploring cobblestoned city streets and clambering over archaeological sites. Additionally, the territory is unfamiliar, so while you are concentrating on what you are being shown by your guide, your also need to watch where you are walking. After a few hours it can be quite tiring.

Our suggestion is that you do at least some long walks before you start the tour. This will give you an indication of what your physical standard is and how many more walks it will take to get more confident. Some people naturally walk fast, while others stroll at a more leisurely pace, however it it is good to be able to cope and be comfortable no matter what the group circumstances.

Several previous travellers have decided that a walking stick/shooting stick is an ideal third leg to prop on in a museum/gallery, where standing for an extended period of time can be just as exhausting as walking 2 kms. It is also handy in walking over rough terrain, or where there are no handrails on steps. With a hip or knee replacement it can be quite supportive.

For our tours which tend to be a little off the well trodden and tended paths, you need to be fit enough to comfortably experience all that our tours have to offer.

What Else Do I Need To Know?2020-07-22T05:49:22+00:00

Approximately two months prior to the departure date, at the time of invoicing, a reading list of suggested texts chosen by the tour leader will be sent out. This is a guide for any passengers interested in increasing their pre-tour knowledge, and is in no way prescriptive. If you would like to receive this list in advance, please advise at time of booking. In your final tour documentation you will also receive a tour booklet with further information regarding the destinations visited on tour.

Other Helpful Resources?2020-08-30T23:41:52+00:00
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