Viet Nam: A Cultural Immersion

The small boat pushed off from the resort dock on the river, around the corner from beautiful, but very busy Hoi An. Leaden skies overhead, but little traffic on the river. Then there was an almighty roar and the Heavens opened. It pelted down and as the wind drove the rain, so we huddled closer away from the open sides of the boat to avoid the drops. Should we go back or continue with our river cruise? No-one was really prepared to retreat, as umbrellas would have been useless. So the driver cut the engine and we floated in it, barely able to see the shoreline.

Then as we floated, there was an amazing light and sound show as lightening burst from the grey rainy sky. After about 20 minutes the rain eased off to a light shower and I gave the word to continue with the cruise, as we were all used to the conditions by now. The sky cleared and by the time we got back, the sun was shining and everything was clean and clear

One bright member of the group quipped “well Rob, you promised Viet Nam: A Cultural Immersion, but I didn’t think you meant immersion literally!!

Sadly we learnt later that one of the most spectacular lightening flashes had killed a young mother as she sheltered under a tree near where she was working on her vegetable farm.

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