Deposit and Final Payment

The deposit is accepted as a first installment of the tour cost and will be fully refunded if the arrangements cannot be confirmed or the tour is cancelled by Alumni Travel. A detailed invoice is sent out to all passengers booked on the tour, approximately two weeks prior to due date of the final payment. Final payment for the tour needs to be received at least 60 days prior to tour departure.

Forced Cancellation

In the event that, due to failure to reach a minimum number of tour participants (excluding the tour leader), it is necessary to cancel the tour, you will receive a full refund of your deposit. If it is necessary to cancel the tour, we will advise you not less than 60 days prior to the tour departure.

Passport and Visas

It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure that they posses the necessary travel documentation for the tour, such as a valid passport and any required visas. In general a passport should be valid at least 6 months beyond the end of your journey and have two clear pages for each country to be visited to allow for entry and exit stamps en-route or for any visas applicable for countries in your journey. At the time of making your booking you will be given information about any visas that may be required for the tour.


Tour prices stated on the individual tour brochure have been calculated on the basis of exchange rates and tariffs valid at time of print and are subject to change up until final payment for the tour has been received. Once final payment is received, no surcharges will apply. Should you decide to cancel your tour on the basis of a change of price, then normal cancellation charges will apply.


WORLD LINKS EDUCATION Pty Ltd trading as ALUMNI TRAVEL and/or its associated Companies or Agents, act only in the capacity of agents for the passenger in all matters of transportation, tour operation and other services. All receipts, tickets, vouchers, coupons or exchange orders are issued subject to the terms and conditions under which transportation and other services are provided. World Links Education Pty Ltd and/or its associated Companies or Agents assume no responsibility for loss, injury, accident, delay or damage or irregularity that may be caused to person or property, however caused or arising before commencement and/or during any tour under its management, sponsorship, procurement or otherwise. It is the responsibility of the passenger to make sure he/she is in possession of the proper visas and other travel documents and that they are in compliance with current government and transportation companies’ regulations.

The right is reserved to modify the itinerary in any way considered necessary or desirable, or to change any reservation, hotel feature and/or means conveyance, without allowance or refund but the extra cost, if any resulting therefrom, must be paid by the passenger. The right is also reserved to cancel or withdraw any tour, to replace any tour leader with another, to cancel or withdraw any booking made for a passenger, or to decline to accept any person as a member of a tour.

The transportation companies or firms shall be exempt from all liabilities in respect of any detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness or injury however and by whomsoever caused and of whatever kind occurring of or to the passenger at any time when the passenger is not on board a carrier or conveyance used or operated by the transportation companies or firms.

The contract of passage in use by the transportation companies or firms concerned shall constitute the sole contract between transportation companies or firms, and the purchase of these tours and/or passenger. All tickets, deposit tickets, coupons or orders are furnished and issued subject in all respects to those terms and conditions under which the means of transportation or other services provided there by are offered or supplied by owners, public carriers, or managing agents.

The issuance and acceptance of receipts, tickets, vouchers, coupons, or exchange orders shall be deemed consent to the above conditions. The tour is based on flights as detailed in the itinerary, however any other IATA or non-IATA carrier may be used for tour co-ordination.