Mexico and Malaysia

I hope your holiday season was full of family fun and happiness. Shame about the fires at one end of the country and typhoons at the other, but I guess we could be living in a much harsher environment, and we do very well in global terms.

We have been busy over the last few weeks with paperwork associated with a lot of tours all departing in May. It has been pleasing to see the tours coming together and helping with additional travel details.

Our next tours coming up are quite different. Carole Douglas, whose background is in textiles, is taking another tour to Santa Fe and across the border into Mexico. She is interested in looking at the powerful influence on US art, literature, music and fashion of the Mexican indigenous peoples. She will introduce the group to figures who have been and still are working in this cultural melting pot.

The other tour is led by Yvonne Chang, who has retired from her busy professional career in Australia and travels widely especially for opera and concerts. She was born however in Ipoh, and absorbed the culture and flavours of Malaysia’s mixed ethnic population. She will take us to special places she knows to experience the food and crafts of regional Malaysia, especially from her own State. There is an add-on to Sarawak for those interested in the wildlife of Borneo.

Brochures can be downloaded online from the website, or hard copies can be obtained from me if you send an email or ‘phone me.

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