First blog of 2014

Burma Temples Tours

Welcome to 2014! And the first of this year’s tours are underway with the Burma tour heading off at the beginning of February. A full list of our tour offerings will appear in the next issue of our newsletter Bon Voyage, which I am currently sticking and labeling! It should be ready to post by the last week in January. It will come in email form for those who have requested it, in that form, at the same time.

I have just received an email from NEAF (Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation at the University of Sydney) about a series of lectures entitled The Eastern Mediterranean in the 4th & 3rd Millenium BCE. They are running the series in May this year, a repeat of a similar series that started in 2011. There are four lectures (10am-1.30pm) on Saturday mornings through May. I attended the first series and enjoyed revisiting Archaeology I and II when I was a student in the 60s. Naturally it covers much of what we offer as destinations for our tours, and the evidence of human existence that can be found there. Go to Highly recommended.

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