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Meet Alumni Travel’s friendly and experienced staff. We are here to help make your next journey an experience of a lifetime. Here is some information about Rob, Tony and Clare. Feel free to get in touch today or call to have a chat 1300 799 887.

  • Rob Lovell About Us

    Managing Director

    Rob Lovell studied at the University of Durham (MA) and at the University of Sydney (BA, Dip Ed, MEd Hons) and taught English and History in secondary schools and TAFE colleges in NSW before lecturing in Education at the University of Sydney. In 1989 he established Alumni Travel, one of the few travel companies in Australia dedicated to special interest, educational and cultural tourism and led the first tour which was to Viet Nam in 1990. This has enabled him to indulge in three ongoing passions: the pursuit of life long learning, international exchange and of course travel. Rob has led at least one tour every year to Viet Nam since 1998, as well as tours to Cambodia, Cuba, Eastern Turkey, Western Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia.

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  • team-member03

    Travel Manager

    I was born in Boston in 1968, and as the son of a Director with UNESCO based in Asia, I spent my childhood and early teens attending schools in Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. I graduated in Law from The University of Western Australia, practicing first in Juvenile Justice, then the Magistrate’s Circuit through the Kimberley’s and Pilbara, and then settled at Legal Aid, specialising in Family Law.
    One lazy Sunday afternoon I read an article that said on average, a normal working person changes their career’s or vocations about four times in their lifetime. I questioned whether I was “normal” and promptly decided to leave the legal arena, bought a cafe and then became OCD on hospitality!
    All the while I continued to travel and experience amazing destinations and cultures…Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, Hoi An, Muscat, Jordan, The Dead Sea, Petra, The Sahara and camels, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, India, Laos, just about everywhere in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Now I am well into my third vocation as a travel agent, where I am having an amazing time vicariously enjoying client’s travels. Does being a tourist count as a fourth vocation?
    Anything you need to know about Asia just ask me. I have a wide knowledge of cultures, religions, food, accommodation, tours, shopping and all sorts of tips and tricks.

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  • Clare Bridge About Us

    Product Manager

    Clare started working for Alumni Travel in October 2000 after backpacking around Australia for 12 months. Clare works with the tour leaders to finalise the final itinerary and create and design Alumni’s tour brochures. Originally from Kent, England, Clare studied at Brunel University and attained a BSC (Hons) in Tourism Management. Her first job after graduating was with a large wholesale travel company in London, where she gained experience in operating tour groups. Since October 2010 and the birth of her first child, Clare has been working from home part-time. Her favourite travel destinations are Thailand, Italy and New Zealand.

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  • Testimonial

    Dr John Tidmarsh was clearly extremely knowledgable, and together with the local guide I could not have asked for more. Information was imparted effectively and interestingly. Both were very friendly and easy to be around. There was not one local site that I would delete from the itinerary. I absolutely loved the "off the beaten track" parts of the trip, and in fact enjoyed the long bus trips, as I was able to see so much of Iran in such a short time. The pleasure of the journey is as great as the destination.” Overall, once again, the trip was was well organised, went smoothly for me, and was pure pleasure, so once again thank you all at Alumni Travel for your part in making it happen.

  • Testimonial

    We appreciated Alumni Travel’s practice of always providing the best food and accommodation available.” Of the local sites: “Met or exceeded expectations.

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